The AAUW Ithaca Branch provides a community for women to share common interests, develop friendships, and act on vital social issues. Our programs explore issues affecting women and girls and education. Meetings are open to the public, and guests are welcome.

Each year we plan one or more community action projects. We lobby legislators and work with other community groups to:

The American Association of University Women has a long history of bringing women together for a common cause. When you join the Ithaca Branch of AAUW, you also become a member of New York State AAUW, and the national association.

Hosting District III Conference on October 24. 2015: "From Mud Pies to Dinosaur Bones: Encourging Girls Interest in STEM" at The Paleontological Research Institution and Museum of the Earth
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Link to Project Vote Smart to contact elected officials, check voting records, and for accurate, unbiased candidate information.

Project Vote Smart

Send email to Muriel Everhart, President.

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